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Dave True, BA Business, CMT, BAT

Care Manager

Dave was first influenced to serve the aging population while in his twenties by his mentor who suggested that he become a Hospice Volunteer.  This experience ignited a passion for volunteer work with the aging, handicapped and families suffering from crisis locally and abroad in Mexico and Thailand.

Dave emersed himself into the aging industry, became a CNA and worked for Senior Planning Services in Santa Barbara, California. Deepening his understanding of client care, he researched Parkinson’s, ALS, heart disease, dementia, cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

During this time, he developed a valuation for being a team-player with family and interdisciplinary healthcare providers. Interested and curious about aging, he furthered his education with a state license, specializing in geriatric massage while concurrently obtaining a national certification to practice alternative healthcare modalities.

In 2012 a family member whose health and financial integrity had begun to diminish, consulted with Dave having him implement home management, medical, financial, and legal support systems which resulted in her being able to live out her remaining years in a more fulfilled manner. The seed of becoming a Care Manager was planted. Tricia True who started Golden Crossroads Care Management in 2013 recruited Dave on a case after seeing how he managed the care of his family member. He has been a valuable asset since.

Due to Dave’s ongoing education in Anatomy, Physiology, and Epidemiology, his competency is invaluable for obtaining pertinent information and results from healthcare providers as he navigates the complex VA system, county agencies and a multitude of senior programs.  His affinity for business facilitates the ability to consult with fiduciaries, attorneys, and accountants to provide further advocacy for his client.

Dave approaches each client as a family member taking into account all aspects of their life care emphasizing a sense of dignity. He has helped people with many different needs including family, friends and associate’s issues, as well as caregiving, financial, home management, medical and legal issues.  Holding the big picture and helping to facilitate one’s substantive* life is Dave’s specialty, which allows his clients to experience their present time in a more relaxed way.

Still in love with this service, Dave is recognized by the people in his community of Nevada and Placer Counties as a Care Manager and Patient Advocate. He is a member of the National Organization of Aging Life Care Association and the local Elder Care Provider’s Coalition through which he provides consultation with local county adult programs and supportive senior services.

Dave is pleased to be working with Tricia True and her Golden Crossroads Care Management business as a Care Manager and is eager to support you!

1. having a firm basis in reality and therefore important, meaningful, or considerable.
2. having a separate and independent existence.

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