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Care Management

Every person is a unique individual with their own special needs.

Would you like someone to talk to about your life?

As a woman, I value relationships. I founded Golden Crossroads Care Management to connect with the people of my community. I suggest our Care Advocates who can talk to you about issues in your life.

Our Care Advocates provide quarterly, biannually, yearly check-ins to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle.

As we grow older our lives can become more complex, our Care Manager strives to understand your vulnerability and challenges. Through a comprehensive assessment, we determine your needs, desires and risks to create a customized care plan that we implement together.

Financial Assessment

Do you need help with your finances? Our Care Manager will refer you to local fiduciaries, financial advisors, CPAs and bookkeepers to create a roadmap of your financial options.  If any discord arises on your journey, a Mediator can be arranged to resolve the issues.


Nutrition Plan

Included in your Care Manager’s assessment will be dietary suggestions to improve your health and vitality.

Environmental Safety

Wouldn’t it be efficient and safe to have a shower bar where you want it? Our Care Manager will tour your home and make suggestions for a hazard-free environment.


Social Enhancement

Friends, recreation and events – where are they? Here we explore and utilize community resources for recreational activities, games and sports that include socializing which offer health benefits and longevity.

Community Resources

Dave and Tricia True have been active in the Nevada County area for over two decades with connections to wonderful, resourceful people.

“To truly care for someone is to be there for them when they are in their most vulnerable state.”

–    Patricia Jean Traviss, Tricia’s Godmother    –