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Meet Your Care Team

And Learn What They Do

Care Advocate

A person to talk about how things are going in your life.

Conversational Topics:

  • Food, exercise, household duties, social events and medical issues.

  • Financial matters, taxes, bookkeeping, estate planning, etc.

  • Any issues that may arise.

  • Quarterly, biannually, yearly check-ins to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Care Manager


  • A comprehensive assessment of your quality of life.
  • Your personalized Care Plan.
  • Implementation of your Care Plan.
  • Navigation of the medical system.
  • Supervision of your medications.
  • Referrals for Care, Financial and Legal Services.
  • Relief of stress, anxiety and grief for you and your family.
  • Dignity throughout your care.

Patient Advocate

  • Discuss your medical history.

  • Accompany you to medical appointments.

  • Ask pertinent questions of your healthcare providers.

  • Understand and review your medications.

  • Gather information on your diagnosis, specific conditions and illnesses.

  • Direct you to doctors and hospitals based on your diagnosis.

  • Consider your treatment options.

  • Interpret medical documents, insurance, claims and bills.

  • Recommend possible changes for your health and lifestyle.

Comprehensive Assessment

We discuss aspects of your life and highlight areas that need some support. We address your major concerns, presenting problems and events that have led you to reach out to us.

Examples of assessment categories are:

  • Insurance, medical history, medications and care services.

  • Physical, cognitive and psychological functional abilities.

  • Family and marital history – your support system.

  • Home and property safety check.

  • Emergency Contacts and POLST posted.

  • Financial and legal profile.


  • Moves disputing parties towards conflict resolution.

  • Acts as a neutral, third party for an objective viewpoint.

  • Uses specialized communication with negotiation techniques.