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Tricia True, MA, LMFT

Care Manager

Tricia was raised in a three generational family dynamic living with her grandparents participating in their care until they passed away. Tricia’s namesake, life-long mentor and godmother, Patricia Jean Traviss, owned and operated the first dignity-centered women’s sanitarium to which Tricia made regular visits from childhood on. These experiences laid the foundation for her dedication to the aging population.

She attended the local LVN program in 1976 where she developed caring skills for elders in hospitals, nursing facilities, and the private sector. After obtaining her state license in Marriage Family Therapy, she created and led Adult Education courses, and produced local TV shows addressing aging issues.

She served as a County Triage Worker for two decades where she interfaced with a variety of state, county and government agencies supporting multi-county residents to help them cope with various crises due to severe health issues, aging, grief, mental health and substance abuse. Tricia assisted her clients to cope with stress, depression, and anxiety. She encouraged healthy interactions with family, friends and healthcare providers while supporting and empowering them to navigate local resources.

Tricia organized and hosted weekly Health Talks for seniors and participated at the local Farmer’s Market to educate and empower the aging adult. She authored and led a Women’s Self-Caregiving Manual leading weekly seminars and weekend seminar cruises.

As her father neared the end of his life in 2013, Tricia stepped into his shoes to consider how he would live his last days, who would he choose to be with, what endeavors would reflect his depth? Tricia advocated for his end of life wishes to remain at home. She upheld his dignity with siblings, friends, healthcare providers, and Hospice nurses.

This experience ignited her passion to begin providing complete care for elders while continuing her work with the County. Tricia implemented this focus of complete care with her Woman’s True Perspectives Counseling Service by addressing a holistic approach. She began managing care for the private sector, specializing in seniors whose families live out of state. 

A Care Manager in Nevada County since 2013, Tricia is certified with the National Association of Social Workers and the Aging Life Care Association and an active member of the local Elder Care Providers’ Coalition. Owner and Founder of Golden Crossroads Care Management, Tricia looks forward to serving you and your loved ones.

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